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Daniel H. Russell Memorial Scholarship

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Daniel H. Russell


Daniel Hayden Russell was born on July 3, 1989, in Renton, Washington, to Walter and Ruth Russell as the second son of their union. He attended Renton Christian School (RCS) from kindergarten to eighth grade and Liberty High School from ninth to twelfth grade. While attending RCS and Liberty High School, Daniel met his lifelong friends: Derek Krough, Michael Mendoza, Tage Aaker, Kiet Ngo, and Paul Szilard (The Fab Five). He would speak of them fondly and look forward to their “game nights” and dinners.

Daniel was an excellent scholar and received national academic awards. Upon graduation from high school, he attended the University of Michigan, where he excelled academically. After college, Daniel started his own business as a copy editor. He first began by helping his friend, Rowlanda Cawthon, edit her dissertation and assisting her with research for her doctorate. Shortly thereafter, others at the university sought out Daniel’s editing expertise and Janice Thompson, Surjit Hayer, Felicia Hacker, and Rowlanda received their doctoral degrees with his support.

Daniel ended up helping many others throughout the nation with their academic journeys. After many years of being rejected, a Doctor of Medicine engaged Daniel’s editing expertise and as a result, the doctor finally was published in the New England Journal of Medicine. He was one of many people Daniel helped fulfill their academic and professional dreams.

Daniel loved the Lord and the word of God and was an outstanding student of the Bible. To better understand the scripture, Daniel read many books on Greek and Hebrew. And, after many years of self-study, he learned to read, speak, and write in Greek and Hebrew fluently. He became a phenomenal teacher of God’s word and was asked to join the teaching staff at his local church. His understanding of the original language made his teaching enjoyable and inspiring, and he always pointed the audience back to Christ and to scripture. Daniel was invited to be a part of a team that taught the teachers of Joint Base Lewis-McChord on how to become a better instructor of God’s word and how to navigate the nuances of the text and the genre.

Daniel loved to write. He completed and published a novel called, Oppressive Weight, an allegorical account of the fall of mankind. Daniel not only loved God’s word –– he lived it. Seeking the best for others, mentored them, encouraged them, and made time in his busy schedule to reach out and help as many as he could.

Daniel loved sports. He participated in baseball, basketball, and track while attending school. Whether playing second base, point guard or running the 100 meters, Daniel did it with all his might because he believed in doing things with excellence. Daniel had many pursuits that garnered his attention. Whenever he could take a break from his busy day, you would find him watching his favorite baseball, football, or basketball team or catching up on the stats of his fantasy baseball group with his friends. Like everything he did, Daniel studied the ins and outs of the game, wanting to learn as much as possible to get ahead. However, as hard as he tried, it seems like every year, Tage would win the fantasy baseball trophy. This only motivated Daniel to try harder to win the championship.

Daniel had a lot of love and respect for his older brother, Kiel. Growing up together, they were like two peas in a pod. When you saw one, you saw the other. As they got older and went to separate universities, Daniel would fondly call Kiel, “that guy that lives in Chicago.” Their closeness was witnessed when Daniel was asked to be Kiel’s best man at his wedding.

Daniel was a kind, gentle, giving, impeccable, brilliant, patient, and encouraging man and a wonderful friend.

Lovingly known as, “The Editor,” Daniel was one of the Lord’s “faithful servants” and he will be sorely missed.

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Impact on Community

As a newly formed scholarship fund in the Puget Sound area, the Daniel H. Russell Memorial Scholarship will be making a difference in the community by awarding a series of $1500.00 scholarships to support individuals in accomplishing their higher education goals. We take pride in our ability to impact the lives of those in need and help them reach their potential. We’re proud to keep you in the loop about all our latest news.


 Change the World

Through his faith and vocation, Daniel’s influence reached far beyond what his family and friends could have ever imagined.
“Empowering People in Communities (EPIC) developed the Daniel H. Memorial Scholarship to support individuals who have a desire to write Christian literature or pursue a doctoral degree. Daniel, affectionately known as the “Editor,” took his work seriously and supported many people who he believed could change the world. This scholarship continues his vision and creates opportunity to drive local, national, and global impact through people.” –
Brendan Nelson, Founder of EPIC

A Giving Community

Donating to this scholarship allows you to support someone who has a dream in their heart to write a book or engage in doctoral research. Derek Krogh and Dr. Rowlanda Cawthon were the first to give to this scholarship because they recognized the role that Daniel played in their lives and in the community.

Daniel supported Dr. Cawthon in successfully writing her dissertation and she wants others on a similar path to accomplish the same goal. Changing the world and changing lives is the inspiration behind this effort. Any recipient selected to receive this scholarship should demonstrate a desire to use their gifts, like Daniel did, to drive transformation within their circle of influence.


 Changing Lives

Daniel used his gift of editing to change the lives of many. He supported them in their doctoral efforts and this scholarship was developed to continue on his legacy of impacting others. 

“Daniel was more than an editor, he was a friend, encourager, and truly great man.” – Dr. Jo Enscoe, Ed.D. in Education, Leadership, and Policy form the University of Utah

“Daniel was the reason I got through my dissertation so easily as his edits were impeccable. I had the opportunity of throwing some small editing jobs his way at AVEVA in which he proved his skills again in the corporate world.” – Dr. Estella Chavous, Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership from Brandman University (now UMass Global)

“Daniel was such a bright light. He was my editor on my dissertation and my first novel. I will be forever grateful for his kindness. I don’t say this lightly Daniel was truly an amazing man.” – Dr. Jacinta Kambach, Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership from Brandman University (now UMass Global)

“I count myself as one of he doctors Daniel supported to get to my defense. Daniel was a brilliant editor and a beautiful soul.” – Dr. Janice Thompson, Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership from Brandman University (now UMass Global)

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